1. install graphite+web with apache2 and collectd

    After some try and error, this is how i got graphite and graphite_web running under a debian derivative (ubuntu 12.04).

    apt-get install python-django python-cairo
    sudo easy_install django-tagging
    pip install carbon
    pip install whisper
    pip install graphite-web
    cd /opt/graphite/conf
    cp carbon.conf.example carbon …
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  2. awstats and lighttpd

    Mon 06 February 2012
    By makefu

    These snippets are in a ”worked for me” state. most of this stuff will break your system when executing.


    • /srv/http/euer.krebsco.de - served by lighttpd on public interface
    • /srv/http/priv - served on private interface (darknet)

    lighttpd seperate subdomain logging and awstats

    apt-get install python-django …
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